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[Remington - English] Mystic

By CZone January 30, 2012, 21:18:21
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Thankyou for registering Smallminded smile I look forward to meeting you properly in our chat room.
The Netherlands aye? Awesome there's another area to add to our list =D
Score : 1138
Thanks for the positive feedback & everyone that has joined us! We have nearly 40 members on the forums right now, not to mention that one of our vice-leaders is bringing half his Shika guild over at launch! So everyone! If you want a helpful, active & awesome guild to start your adventure with! Don't be shy, come and register today!

We have players from all europe, but also many AUS/NZ/SEA members. This way our guild will be active 24/7 smile

Hope to see you soon!

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This guild is awesome and I cannot recommend it enough >.<

Friendly and very helpful players. Very well organised with good guild goals =D

So...what're you waiting for?! happy 
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Join mystic. We have our own personal forums with in depth guides of every class and vets willing to help you out and give advice.
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Just joined yesterday and everyones been very welcoming, I'd give it a serious look if youre from the AU/NZ region and looking for somewhere good to start smile 
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Been with Mystic for a while now, if you like privacy these guys definitely don't give it to ya, there is always someone around tongue.

More serious note though we have nice people, random convo's on the guilds chatroom, laughs, guild runs (at least when the server was up in OBT and that'll continue in release) and have people from all around the globe. Give us a go, what's the worst that'll happen?

*Addiction caused my Mystic, Wakfu or any other parties involved are purely co-incidental tongue
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I joined this awesome guild and as a thanks they bought me a ferrari.

But no, seriously. Everyone is lovely and it's great having an active guild chat and forums to congregate and talk wakfu. Mystic is Kyou approved.

Score : 638
most organised / active 'english speaking guild to be' i found. the forum chat room always has people to socialize with too if you're bored and waiting for the game to release.
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We're a happy bunch, such a warm and friendly atmosphere, glad to be a part of this great family smile 
Score : 2106
Thanks for all of the positive feedback guys! It's great to know your enjoying being a part of Mystic. I can't wait until we can all meet up and play in-game! The wait is killing me -.-;
Until then our chat room will just have to for entertainment =)
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Ok, I'm in. Only requirement missing for me is P2P which is pending on Ankama fixing the subscription problems I've been experiencing.
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lordsunrise|2012-02-27 08:51:15
Ok, I'm in. Only requirement missing for me is P2P which is pending on Ankama fixing the subscription problems I've been experiencing.

Thanks for applying for Mystic & welcome! It's not a problem mate smile! For acc's that hasn't played OB can't sub, so you'll probably have to wait until the launch to sub.
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Hello , id like to join your guild if still possible .. biggrin

kinda my 2nd time today applying .. failed the 1st time biggrin

[url=]Click here 
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Hey Os! Yes you can join the guild if you can fulfill our requirements. Go to the first page of this post, there you'll find the requirements etc.

You can also go here and read about the requirements & apply for Mystic.

Click here

See you soon!

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yupp im cool for the req's .
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Then just head over to our official forum and klick on the ''Recruitment'' Tab, there you'll be filling in an application and send it in.

Here is the link to our official forum: Click here


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okey , in there i will be SylverLynx tongue 
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Hello, my name is Wuffles.

I am writing this message to you today because I have worked up the courage to give you all some important information about my personal preferences...

I am now finally ready for it to be publicly known ...

I like turtles.

My sincerest thanks goes to the kind souls of Mystic who have all helped me through this long soul-searching ordeal.

Thank you Mystic wub 
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Wuffles|2012-02-28 10:07:27
Hello, my name is Waffles.

I like turtles.

lol Waffles you spelled your name wrong again, but don't worry I fixed it for you.

I like turtles also! esp if they are ninjas
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Well, heya guys.
I've just joined your awesome guild. :]
I have been playing wakfu for about 1,5 years and dofus for about 4 years.. geheh.
I'm a 17 year old boy from the Netherlands.
My IGN will be Capjanie

Hope to see you guys tomorrow. (:

Btw, does anybody knows the actual time the game will be released?

Buhbai. ;D

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