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Recruiting active members for a maxed out guild [Broke Again]

By Solloski - MEMBER - May 06, 2020, 14:52:47

We're looking to recruit active members to our guild. We hold weekly events and plan to give prizes of up to 3mk. 
PM ign : Fake-Ah

or reply to this thread with your ign 
Thank you biggrin

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Hello, I was looking for a guild, my ign is Chronos-Vxi

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Just reaching out to my old Guild. I was with Broke Again on Nox about 6 years back. Old name Viathon, a Masq. It was a long time back, not even sure the same members are still playing but hey, life happens. I'm back now though. new tag is Eltarus if you all are interested. An Eli. Was always and will always be field control.

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Join discord if you didn't join yet 
[email protected]/ruBRDsu
replace @ with a dot . so it will work

Message anyone there to invite you to the guild

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