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The Virtous Revolution

By TyrantLice - MEMBER - March 27, 2020, 22:50:06

Some people from the Virtous guild are trying to fight against Hadrina so we can gain power!

(Now obviously this is an In-Game joke we arent trying to actually rebel against anything is just an event between the people of virtous and Hadrina)

We need Support to fight Hadrina so we are accepting any resources and Manpower anyone wants to give us!
The fight shall occur the 30th of April if you want to help me us contact me, My in game name is Theodoro Roosevelt.

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What is the problem with the Virtuous? I have only recently joined and now somebody is saying that the guild sucks? Please explain.

Edit: If it's just an inside joke, why are you spamming this nonsense on the forum? Joke... Your English is a joke laugh

Edit2: I have no sense of humor at all. I am simply trolling you to feed off your negative emotions. It's like a variant of Bold Punishment IRL. The more you hate me, the stronger I become.

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Is just a joke between guild members….

Edit: Man can you imagine having such a terrible sense of humor than we you dont understand a joke you have to go and insult someone who is honestly trying their best to learn another language.

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I'll join you guys! Let's goooo! 

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