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returning mask looking for a guild

By blackpropower - MEMBER - February 24, 2020, 02:15:08

Hello, im a returning lvl 200 mask player, i'd like to get out of the way that im not max gear at all and i will probably need some time to get there, but that's one of the reasons im looking for a guild after all, i can speak italian english or portugues whatever, so if you feel like i would be a good guildie feel free to reply to the thread with your name in game and your usual play time, i'll be sure to contact you so you can add me. thank you for reading

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Hiya and welcome back! If you'd like, you can join us.
Are you able to contact me directly through discord which will be an easier messaging channel instead of via forum threads? My Discord is Drakenite#9606

Otherwise, you can let me know the time you will be on (based on server time), and which character you will be in, and I will try and catch you in the game. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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If you are still looking, Whitewolf clan would be happy to have you. Tho we are not too active atm, but trying to get back there!

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