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[ENG] Join Hound Fury!

By Forunia - MEMBER - January 24, 2020, 20:16:12

We Are The New Boowolf Pack...
Hound Fury is an English speaking guild looking for new members to join us!
We help all members of any level with their needs, including levelingcraftingdungeons, and boss smashers! Currently, we are a level 6 guild improving our guild bonuses to become the best pack out there!

We are a mid-level guild with members ranging from levels 50 to 150! Are you within this level bracket? Come make some friends!

Here are our current guild bonuses!

5 HP (x2)
5 Lock
5 Dodge
5 Air Resistance
5 Water Resistance
5 Earth Resistance
5 Fire Resistance
5 Initiative
5% Crafting XP


There is only one requirement and that is to be able to speak a little bit of English! We are a very friendly group of players from all over! Even if you don't like to talk to people, we are more than happy to have you join the pack!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! If you are interested in joining the guild, you can contact the following people below!

Foru The One (Foru#1224)
Ayla Lynn (Ayla#7626)
Spyrem (SoniaRemi#8834)
Uk-Raynebow (Raynebow#0358)

Post below if you have any questions!
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Hi! i would love to join the guild but can't seem to contact you guys atm, can you leave a message for me on discord when you can? thanks! my discord is Thinkalot#0276

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This guild is awesome!

I obviously may be biaised since I joined it but I'm really happy joining them. Xp sessions set aside, they really did a good job making me feel comfortable around them so please join us soon smile
Also, some of us are playing from Europe, the other ones play mostly in America so you'll always find someone up to play with you, no matter when and THAT used to be a big deal for me.

Come and join us guys! smile See you soon!

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