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Newish Player Looking For Guild

By DragonmasterLance - MEMBER - September 20, 2019, 02:35:30

Like the title says I'm a somewhat newish player looking for a guild for the next 3 weeks or so.
I'm getting a new computer soon,but at current I can only play Wakfu at best,after that I might be..... sidetracked so I won't be logging on as much.
I've been playing for a while,but I haven't made much progress in the game as I have difficulty with sets,builds and I don't really want to use Heroes.
So I am looking for a guild to make my remaining time on Wakfu a little more enjoyable.
Now, when say that I don't mean "Someone take me through dungeons!" and whatnot, I mean some casual conversation to make the game a little less monotonous while I attempt to level up and stuff.

Dunno how the PM system works on here,but I'm usually on my Ecaflip named Dosantsu so if you got space for a filthy casual who might not be here for a long period of time then send me a shout.
I'll happily do guild quests and stuff so there's that too.

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we are a pretty active guild it doesnt matter if ur only playing for a little time perhaps we can make u stay longer wink so check us out here :Discord server

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