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7-10 Players LFG [ English ]

By CharlieLuvsU - MEMBER - September 14, 2019, 08:03:15

Hello! Me and my friends are trying to come back and play some Wakfu! Some of us are returning players ( Had characters on the Nox server ) and some of us are fresh out the gate Wakfu players. While we're enjoying playing Wakfu together were sometimes not always on at the same time sadly and we've come to the decision that we'd need to all join a guild. Here are some requirements we wish for this guild to meet. 

Friendly ( obviously ) 

Some-What active.
We understand that Wakfu probably isn't the most popular game but we'd like to meet and play with other wakfu players 

Knowledge of the current game. 
We have some new and old wakfu players. But even the old wakfu players are pretty lost in the current game. We have so many questions and we hope that we can find some explanations to said questions.

Possibly NA
We're all located in the USA and we'd like to possibly have people on when its morning/night for us and not the other way around. This isn't a deal-breaker to say but we'd like to be able to play with everyone and not have to worry about timezone madness. again not a deal-breaker just a heads up.

Anyways we've done a few leveling parties here and there and were about around levels 51-85 and were hoping to enjoy some wakfu content with new people and learn the game

Thanks for reading! 

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Hi! We’d be pleased to have you all in our guild! I’ll contact you as soon as I can, in the meanwhile you can join our Discord (if you want):

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