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I want YOU to join The Gaming Bookclub in Wakfu for its August cycle !

By Xantery - MEMBER - August 01, 2019, 06:24:20

Hello ! The Gaming Bookclub is launching its guild in Wakfu !

We are a group of casual gamers voting each month for new games to play. We originally were all about mmos, but now we also do coop and pvp games. We're always looking for more members biggrin If you're a new player or starting over, then we're a perfect match !

Wakfu won the August MMO vote !

Join us newbies in our Wakfu cycle, we got a lootbox and achieves system and shits biggrin You get to nominate a game for voting next month if you get enough achieves !

Get your guild invite by joining our wonderful discord, or add/pm Dumb Mon in game !

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