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Couple of players looking for a guild

By Forunia - MEMBER - July 28, 2019, 19:28:14

Hey all! 

My girlfriend and I are looking for a guild. We just moved to Remington and are looking for friends. Our Usernames are as follows. 

Mine: Corosol, Ryroso
​​Hers: Ayla Lynn, Ayla Ryra


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contact Xertra

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If you haven't found a guild yet you can join Torchlight Peanuts! We can talk in game, my name is Lady Mole :3 your alts are welcome too ofc! Hope to hear from you ! Cyaa

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Hello Lady!

I've been wanting to come back to Wakfu myself. I took a long hiatus and looking to come back! Do you happen to have room for another newbie starting fresh? Lemme know! Thanks!

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WAnna join mystic?

Cannot seem to find u online, check our recruitment page for invite list smile 

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Would love to! 

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