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Hey! Kinda sorta new player looking for a guild!

By Idhrin - MEMBER - July 14, 2019, 06:17:04

Hi everyone! Thanks for clicking.

I am a new(ish) player (just started on Remington yesterday!) who is really into professions! So, you know, if you guys like a profession noob we're a match made in heaven.

I have some Wakfu experience from a previous account I had some time ago. I lost it, unfortunately, but that's okay, because in the period of time between then and now I have forgotten almost everything and what I do remember is wrong! I haven't picked a Nation yet, and am still running around Astrub doing professions more than anything else.

I'd love a, preferably English speaking for the sake of communication, guild of friendly folks who'd not mind pointing me in the right direction now and then. I don't know how good I am at combat, but I'm willing and eager to learn, and if you need a +1 for something I'm happy to fill in and will try not to tank the dungeon. I'm a Foggernaut who makes liberal use of his Motherfogger because I just love the name. My current goals in-game are to train my professions, start a seed bank, and make friends, not necessarily in that order.

You can PM me in-game (The name's Dark Imperator) or feel free to post here.

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Hi! I'd be happy to have you in our guild (lv10 with a wide range of players level) we are friendly and always willing to help a mate! We also have a discord where we chat and make events :3 or you can pm me in game "Lady Mole" to know more or receive an invite! Hope to see you soon biggrin

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