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Hey! Looking to get back into Wakfu and find a guiding guild once more after a long hiatus.

By Khiire - MEMBER - July 12, 2019, 00:19:32

Howdy! Name's Dhizi -- old name was Khiire.

I used to play this game quite a bit a long time ago, but between military service, reconvening my RN path, family health/well being management, i'd just been a bit too busy! But i'm finally back, and looking to figure a few things out since so much has changed.

For starters -- Guilds STILL work the same way, correct? If you're affiliated with a nation, you need to find a suited guild that's within that nation? Or are guilds now multi-nation? In either case, i'm a Brakmarian looking for a active guild that'd be welcoming to a VERY old player starting fresh once again on Remington (I'm a US individual, but  wanted to check out Remington to see how active it is in comparison)!

So if there's any people that'd be willing to give some guidance, tell me important stuff that's changed, or any offering of a guild with a good amount of people that're welcoming and do a buncha activities, i'd be interested in listening/joining! Thanks for reading, hope ya'll have a lovely day.

Guess I should probably add it's Dhyzi in-game if anyone wishes to contact me!

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Hi Dhizi! I'd be glad to have you in our guild smile we are at lv 10, multination and pretty active, also always willing to help with questions and doubts! You can join our discord too if you're interested or contact me, my ign is Lady Mole! Hope to see you happy

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Sure! I'll try to get in contact with you whenever ya'll are around.

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