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[English-Speaking] Metaphysical Thinkers Now Inactive :(

By ThatsPrettyNeat - MEMBER - June 28, 2019, 15:05:42

It pains me to say, that the Metaphysical Thinkers WAKFU GUILD is no longer active, and so I recommend that you look at other guilds. However, if you still wanna share whatever metaphysical inquiries you may have, or just want a place to chill and hang out cause you're lonely, do feel free to drop by our discord server:

Maybe we'll become active again one day, I'll think bout it~

The Metaphysical Thinkers is a guild created by Kuroho and I (Shizua), based in the Remington server. 

A guild created with the sole purpose of seeking the answers that the universe dares hide from us! To find these answers within the the depth of our own minds, such joy would it bring!

The guild is currently level 7 and we are now working on getting more stat bonuses up to this level.

Current Stat Bonuses:

Guild Chest 1, Guild Chest 2, +25 hp, +10 resistances, +5 lock and dodge, +5 initiative, +2% damage inflicted, +5% crafting xp

Players of every type are welcome, whether you're a returning player or a new player, a casual player or hardcore gamer, it matters not to us. The only requirement needed is that you stay wholesome to your fellow thinkers!

If you wish to join the guild, you may join the discord server here: or you may join the server to share your metaphysical inquiries, we'd be happy to hear them ^^. You may also add me if you're more comfortable doing so: Samui#4681.

Thanks for reading and hope you decide to join us!

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Man this guild is actually awesome, and the two admins seem to be so fond of Xavier Renegade Angel, one of my favourite shows.

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