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seeking low-level guild!

By tsar-3701 - MEMBER - May 10, 2019, 17:19:05

I'm 39lvl cra, in Remington. and I'm a returning player, but I play the game in 2013, they are too many changes...

my IGN is ellireluca, plz feel free to contact me :d

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Hello ! The guild discriminating lemon which was created almost one month ago, are recuirting  any player. Though dont except a big number of people in the guild, we're only a new and low-level guild, you are very welcome to join us, if you're interested, contact me through discord ( if you have discord otherwise try to add me if I happen to be ingame IGN : mydearlou )

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Hi, can i join the guild too? I'm a level 37 huppermage my IGN is:Thafifa

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