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[ENG] ★ Please join Network ! ★

By Fluffary - MEMBER - December 24, 2018, 11:43:40

☆ ☆ ☆ Hi there! Looking for a guild? Well, don't look anymore! ; - ; Join Network(please)! ☆ ☆ ☆

 ''ew, why should i even? and what tf is Network???''

☆Well, I'm so glad you asked!  Network is a lvl 10 guild in the Remington Server, it has a pretty cool guild ico---

''LAME. But also how many active members do you have''

☆ ; - ; Haha, WELL, currently we have around 3 active members?  The guild leader, myself, and one more person who sometimes comes online ☆ 

'' >:O pathetic!!!!!!!!''

☆ Maybe but not really ; - ; The guild leader (His name is Grand) is the best (hi Grand!) He loves helping people, doesn't matter with what; leveling, dungeons, upgrading their equipment, answering any questions about the game, and he's really good company as well! He's inspired me a lot, so I always try to help him as well, and I love helping others too! ☆


☆AND ALSO, there used to be a lot more active people in the guild, but one day they all just stopped coming online, so it was just me and Grand! It doesn't matter though, because I, Fluffary(aka Coldu) am super determined to recruit new members and make the guild alive once more! So, with that said, please reconsider joining Network! Grand and I are online almost daily, so you'll never feel lonely! And we're planning on getting a Haven World soon☆

''jesus ok, maybe, what are the requirements? i'm lvl 10 and i can barely kill a bow meow''

☆There's only one requirement! Be able to speak a little English ' - ' oh and be friendly! But also it's perfectly fine if you don't feel like communicating with guildies that much, you can still join! Our guild is open to everyone!
It doesn't matter what  your level is or how long you've been playing the game for, our doors are open! ☆

''ur weird but ok, who should i contact if i wanna join?''

Grand is the Guild Master,  you can always contact him! And you can also always contact me, the name's Coldu. We'd love to hear from you! 

Well, whoever is reading this, thank you for your time! If you have any questions, drop them in the comments! ☆ 
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No more Suger for you ._.

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Score : 16

hey im interested in joining Raume is the name

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I'm on pretty often so Just send a PM my way when your able
- Grand

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this was .. kinda heart warming *_* but i do think u shud drop sugary drinks xd

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;   -  ;;;; it's funny because I actually hate sugar and sweets, but I just have a natural sugar rush going on during the holidays 

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Returning player here. You guys still recruiting?

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Interested. Sokay Knight, a more-or-less 'not stupid enough to walk into a wall every day of the week' pandawa.

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