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Will we have a Haven World auction in 2018?

By UsiemonJPN - MEMBER - July 12, 2018, 06:59:19

It’s been a year since we had the last Haven World auction. I am wondering whether or not we will have one in 2018. 

Now that the server merge is on the table, I understand that you might not be able to hold an auction just like you did until 2017. Still, Haven Worlds are too good to be kept hanging and I’d appreciate if you could reveal any plans on them.

I like how you improve Wakfu, and I wish if you could give us more details in advance. 

Best regards, 

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"There are no plans for haven world auction at the moment. We will share updates on this when more information becomes available"

Is what they would say, but that's just Sabi. The current CM would probably delete your thread and continue eating its baguette.

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Hi! thought I'd ask if there's a plan regarding Haven world auctions this year (2019)? or might you guys change the way the Haven world system works now that the revamp is done? also while I'm at it I may as well ask if there's a plan on selling houses in Wakfu as you did in Dofus, considering how the new nations look etc. it looks really possible.

A reply would be very appreciated!

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