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By Bravo-Larry - MEMBER - March 04, 2018, 04:44:08

The Censored Guild is looking for new members.

The current characteristics are the following:
Level 10 guild.
Most of the benefits obtained.
Level 200 leader with experience in the game.
We have a private area in renovations, a guild focused on the pvp and nationalist of Sufokia, few craftsmen but the basic needs of all guilds are met.
What said renovationswink

We are looking for active, friendly people, preferably they can speak multiple languages or at least English and Spanish, we do not have problems in helping to raise levels but we are not nannies eitherhappy, we want self-improvement of each member.

Interested ones leave their name in the lower part.tongue

or try to make contact with the following characters:
Ryuthen / Love Time / Tank-Pro / Itamary
The God Of Warr
Commander Larry / Claud Kein / Crawler Klusd
Allen Schutz Decimo
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:O i Want to join I speak spanish and english IG Meorem PD: Im new in this server

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Greetings little friend laugh at this moment I am in the game with Commander-Larry send me to the private

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Fantástico biggrin

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Hi I wanna join, I used to play wakfu a little while in 2016 and i'm returning now. I speak  spanish and english, my char is Eleutherios biggrin

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Saludos laugh en este momento me encuentro en el juego con Crawler Klusd, te intento agregar pero apareces desconectado sad

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