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Looking for a guild

By Kenshashiro - MEMBER - February 19, 2018, 20:22:44

Hi everyone , in game i am " Alasta Leonheart " , i'm looking for a guild.
I'm french but i can speak english, and understand it very well ( i just have some difficulties when it come to speak out loud , but no problem to wrote biggrin )

I don't know if it's important but here some details :

- i'm from brakmar 
- I can roleplay if it's needed , because i like to rp biggrin
- I'm a sram girl 
- And a girl irl xD
- I have 20 years
- I use booster pack 
- I take the game seriously , but don't force me to do something , because before all it's a GAME

Thank you for your answer all ! Have a nice day ! 

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Hi there Alasta! biggrin

If you're still looking for a guild, The Greywolf Clan is looking for new members, we're still a growing guild so we're more than happy to have you! laugh

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I joined you thank you <3 

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If you re frech, you can join a frech community, no?

Si tu le souhaites tu peux faire partie des nôtres, la guilde Phénix!
Celà fait à peux près deux ans que notre guilde existe, on compte une grosse vingtaine de joueurs actifs, jouant à des horaires différents (les iles, le quebec, tousa ...), de level, de nations et centres intérêts différents (pvm, pvp, farm ressources).

N'hésite pas à nous contacter IG, si tu croises notre blason sur les terres des douze: plume rouge sur fond argenté.
A bientôt!

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i don't like the french community ^^ ( that's why i'm not on dathura or aerafal , the french server )

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Whats wrong with the french Alasta ? What you dont like at them  so we dont repeat the same mistakes :-)

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Don't worry you never do the same mistake , but as a quick example , the first time i was on dathura , a guy asked me if i wanted to see his d*** . The first time i was on remington, someone give me 100 000 kama just like that. i have a lot of example like this, but the french community is less mature than the international one ^^ 

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