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By Positronimo - MEMBER - February 05, 2018, 23:48:03

Founded on Javian 5, 975, our guild "Convergence" just turned one month old today. With currently only seven players we are still rather small. However, I think that we passed a threshold from which on we can honestly claim that we are here to stay. What better occasion could there be, to announce ourselves on this forum?

At this point, we are a somewhat chaotic hodge-podge of folks from all over the world, who simply enjoy to run dungeons together, and to help each other with quests and crafting. Most of us don't bother too much about optimized leveling, but are rather here to enjoy the ride. So yeah, I guess, overall we are a rather laid-back guild. But this doesn't mean that we aren't ready to take on any challenges!

If you like to join, group, or simply get in touch, feel free to contact me, Positronimo, either in-game (Blarghonaut, or one of my other characters on Remington), or send a message to my Ankabox.

PS: If you wonder about our name, it is still a mystery to us: It appeared to our founder, Blarghonaut, in a flash of divine inspiration, while he was selecting our coat of arms from the Guild'O'Matic. Ever since, we all have been trying to figure out what it truly means. All we know so far is that it somehow relates to us joining to let our Wakfu (and possibly Stasis too?) flow together... and that Blargh's perhaps a bit funny in the head.

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