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Chosen Undead [ENG PvP/PvE]

By SmolRoki - MEMBER - January 31, 2018, 09:08:17

"Well, what do we have here? You must be a new arrival. Let me guess. Fate of the Undead, right? Well, you're not the first."

Hello fellow undead and welcome to a brand new guild called 'Chosen Undead', a small guild in Sufokia. Ever feel that you are alone in your travels the World of Twelve? Feel like you might be going Hollow? Have a seat and get comfortable. We'll both be Hollow before you know it. Join us in our adventures, you will fit right in. 

What we offer
  • Discord Group
  • Guild Bonuses (Coming soon)
  • A friendly community
We are currently a small group of friends that have come together to start our adventure in Wakfu. We are still learning the game as we progress! While this group is primarily created for Wakfu, most of our members play other games (Rainbow 6 Siege, PUBG, LoL, HotS, and many more). Our guild will grow and expand as time goes on, hopefully with your help.

Ranking Up
In order to rank up in the guild, you must earn guild points. The more you earn, the more you will rank up in the guild.

Our Goals
  • Unlock Guild Bonuses
  • Create a friendly environment for all our members
  • Reach Max Level
  • Run Ultimate Bosses


Thank you for your time! Hope to see you in game!
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