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By Gabkun - MEMBER - December 28, 2017, 11:10:05


I recently started a guild for me and my second account, so we (well, I) have about 10 members. I'm slowly levelling up the guild, but for now its still pretty low.

If you dont really care for the guild bonuses but you want to be a Super Saiyan you are more then welcome! I usually play a few hours everyday, the characters I play are right now about lv 90-125, I'm trying to get my last two heroes to lv120 for now.

I'm happy to get any members, no level restrictions but I would prefer if you atleast spoke english. 

Whisper me in-game (Gabkun) or just leave a comment here. 

If you are just grinding up alts, feel free to join with them, I gladly accept all the extra guild points I can get smile

So a small update, guild is now level 5 with some nice guild bonuses, and even some more members! So if you're still not in a guild, you are very welcome to join us! 

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