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The Beacon: Wakfu Guild! (DISCORD)

By - MEMBER - December 23, 2017, 00:25:52

-----------------------The Beacon Multi-Gaming Community------------------------

Steam Group:

We are a Discord Gaming Community (NA/EU), that hopes to have people from all over the world talk, have fun, and game with! We’re just 5 months old, and over 1,000 members: but are still looking to find new, laid back, and open-minded people to join us!

We play many different games, like Overwatch, Rainbow 6 , PUBG, Paladins, Warframe, Battlerite, Heroes of the storm, but want to find people to play Wakfu and develop an entire Guild for it on the Remington server!

On average we have around 50 active members at any given time, finding groups, playing games, and talking!


Be 16+
Speak English
Have Discord

We also have events from time to time in lots of different games and also have anime nights, movie nights, karaoke night,  game giveaways and more! 

Feel free to drop any questions down below if you have any! Can't wait to meet you guys~

We are still accepting people for the Guild! Come and stop by smile 
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