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Looking for social Remington guild

By Moonlightthorn - MEMBER - December 09, 2017, 06:19:10

Hey guys!

Im really new to the game and i would like to find an active and social guild to join. I am not looking for free handouts and i do not want to be boosted through the content as i want to enjoy all the game has to offer atleast on my first playthrough.
I started playing about three days ago and im only level 55 right now with a party consisting of; Sacrier, Eliotrope & Enirispa.

For me it is important that:
The members of the guild speak english (Or swedish, as i am from sweden hehe). 
The people are friendly and social
There isent alot of drama and arguments, backtalking and souch
Guildmembers care to help if i have questions about game mechanics or if im lost or stuck on a quest.
Guildmembers care to do content together and run dungeons and such.
that guildmembers can accept that i am new to the game and lack the years of experience and knowlage they have... even if i learn fast and tend to be good at tactical games... i will make misstakes the first time im in a new dungeon and stuff.. i dont want to be called stupid because of it wink 

Well most important is the part about active social and friendly guild.. smile 

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go look for a few of these ingame when you are online
knettertje stotena nemeta guih or just ask anyone of the eternal ones we are still pretty active in the european evening hours. and we are a friendly social guild biggrin

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Thanks for the reply! but i already joined Naughty Tentacles smile

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