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LFG > *kicks the guild door* HELLOOOOOOOOOOO

By Cleo - MEMBER - November 08, 2017, 09:28:20

Hello! Name is Cleo and I'm fairly new to this games~ (Currently just started to play this games 1 week ago)
I may or may not be active everyday but always available in the weekend.
Looking for a guild that is friendly and can guide each other (in leveling, equipment, skill, ability and etc etc..). My time is GMT +0800 so it would be great if I can find guild with the same time as I am o,o")/
And english is not my main languages so.. get ready to get cancer. xD
My main is Water/Fire Masqueraider @Cleomino. You can find me mainly at mines spot area o3o (making money wuheehehe). Currently in International server~
Using Discord and Steam~

Looking forward to join you guys! biggrin

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