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Looking for an active guild!

By inaocriss - MEMBER - October 18, 2017, 01:33:46

----- English -----

Hi community! I'm Inac, a cutie  Elio from Sufokia haha (Lv. 125) :3 i'm looking for an active guild. I created a guild one year ago, but as i had to be offline during some months the guild died. So instead of create a new one i prefer to join and help other guild.

I dont mind if its a top guild or a little one, i just wanna spend a good time and enjoy the dungeons and quests with people.

----- Spanish -----

Hola comunidad! So Inac, una linda Selotrope de Sufokia jaja! (Lv. 125) :3 estoy buscando un guild que sea activo. Hace un año tuve uno, pero como tuve que estar offline durante unos meses finalmente murió, asi que en lugar de crear otro prefiero unirme a alguno y ayudar.

No me importa si es un guild grande o pequeño, solo quiero pasar un buen rato y disfrutar de las mazmorras y misiones con gente.

Thank you so much! biggrin

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Hello, I'm Champions. I'm recruiting active players to my guild [ Victory , lvl 9 and bonta based with haven world ]. right now ım not online but ı will try pm you when ım online

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Oh nice! it would be a pleasure to help in your guild! biggrin thank you!

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