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Dandelion Wrath - True Sufokian Guild

By Rakakiki - MEMBER - May 07, 2016, 11:43:31
"It smells like fish? Well we're from Sufokia and proud of it!"

With a name striking fear in the hearts of it's ennemies - Dandelion Wrath has for goal to bring together Sufokian players - or players who might want to change Nation and get some fresh sea breeze. With more then 70 guildies from around the world - Sufokia will soon rejoice in the eyes of it's True Guild.

After this epic intro I want to say it is with great excitement we are in recruiting mode - characters and alts. (lvl 35+)
Inviting the old and the new citizens of Sufokia to join our ranks (other Nation players can still join and try out before taking a decision)

Together we will discover the world of twelve and it's mysteries, run dungeons till the break of dawn & have a dragon pig roast every now and then.

About the guild - Current Stats - Daily Updates:

Guild Level: 10
Players: 76
Characters: 95
Characters Level: 39 to 165
Average level: 100
Age of members: Young adults / Adults
In-chat language: English
Chest: 120 slots
Bonuses: 5 Res in all elements / 5 Ini / 5 Prosp / 5 Wis / 5% Craft XP (bonuses are voted on forum)

There are always players connected throughout the day - so you'll never feel alone! We make sure every new player enjoys him/herself and we take the time to know them.

You'll be easily updated on what's going on with the weekly news on our forum:

I don't want to waste your time any longer. If you are looking for some good inguild action - This team is for you!
PS: Respect is of the essence in this guild.

Some of our members - Level and rank diversity - Got to love them purple flags wink

Don't hesitate anymore - Contacts for recruitment: Rakaki, Miss Cinders, Heptagon, Master Chen, Osper, King Bradlee & Dousee.

You can also reply here and give a bump to this thread to keep it up wink
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Good job guys, i'm proud
stay awesome, Boef tongue 

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Okay Dandelion Wrath 2.0 starts Monday 16th!

What will we add first:
- New Ranking system with personalized ranks for dedicated players.
- Guild Lottery!
- +1500 max Guild point so players can finally farm GPs on the week-ends.
- New Forum organisation.

... And more surprises!

Now is the time to join the epicness of Sufokia's Dandelion Wrath!

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I can only say Dandelion Wrath is a awesome guild with awesome people which are always there for you if you need some help or just want to grind somewhere. Also we have a awesome guild leader who always trys his best to improve everything he can. As example he always trys to get some events started, to inform us about everything important in the forum and so on. We are also pretty active in the guild chat even it is nearly midnight. ( ofc it depends on the days but you now what i mean smile )

If you dont belief it you should better look around for a day in our awesome guild! :3 See ya soon hopefully!

Mfg Snowy

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Hey hey!

It's the weekend, lot of new players coming in. Why not you? Don't think to much - Sufokia is the best nation anyway wink 

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It's a good guild and Sufokia is a really nice nation. I'd say you join the guild for a while, and see if you like it, well which I am sure you would.

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