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'The Brurs', Bontarian guild now recruiting! Max bonuses + HW!

By ToneLundd - MEMBER - February 15, 2016, 23:34:03

Hey everyone! I'll keep this pretty short - The Brurs, a Bontarian guild on Remington is now actively seeking and recruiting members! We're quite an old guild and we've been mostly asleep for some time, but now we're back and we'd love to be filled with active, friendly players of all levels!
We're a Bontarian guild, but anyone of any nation is more than welcome to join us if they wish. Anyone who joins is welcome to also invite their alts of the same account, so don't worry, your heroes won't be left behind~
We have the maximum possible guild bonuses, as well as a havenworld with mob pits, crafting stations, farming areas, and areas to just chill out - whatever suits your style (and of course, always open to suggestions to decorate the haven world however guildies would like!) 
Our Haven world is located at the Eastern end of Wild Estate. We're neighbors with the lovely Fire Academy, so be sure to pay them a visit too!

Right now we have just a few active members...but we could have even more, with you! I, and other members, will gladly answer any question you have about builds, dungeons, chars, quests, anything! And of course we'll be glad to run dungeons with you if you'd like. As long as it's fun, we're down to join! Once we've got some more people we can look into running some little guild events, if that interests guildies.
There's no level or nation requirement to join - the only requirement is that you be a chill team player! If you meet that requirement, I'm sure you'll have a great time in the guild.
I might have forgotten something in this post - so if you have any questions, feel free to write them here in the thread or PM me in game (Tone Lund, Bombegranate)! And if you would like to join, PM any of the following names in game if you find us online:

Tone Lund

The Sadist

Or post here on this thread, and I'll add you as soon as I find you online! The best way to get an invite ASAP, though, is to hop in our guild Discord server and ping me (@Tone) for an invite. If I'm near my pc, I'll get online and send one your way!

Hope to meet you soon - have fun!
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hiya, we'll also be updating our hw soon with more buildings!!!

you can also message me directly and i'll be happy to add you to our guild!


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Ps: We also have cookies!


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Guild photo! Damn Rogues always blowing stuff up...

Update: We now have a Discord server! If you're interested in joining, feel free to poke us there too!
Click here
It's been lovely meeting all the new members this week, would love to meet you too ;P.
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Tone pls, you need to bold Fijo's name.

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There, fixed, I hope you're pleased now!

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I would like to join u with 6 Chars all Lv130 and Bonta.
I´m Online everyday so iam aktive smile

Pm in game : Suzu-Chan

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my character is level 23 play over some embrace the game.My character is called Elstoiles

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Big thanks to everyone who joined us so far, hope to hear from more of you in the future!!

We are still recruiting additional active players! PM us (in Wakfu or DM here) if you are interested!

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Tone here. We're back at it again! Send me a pm in game (Bombegranate) for an invite, or better yet - hop in the guild Discord server and ping me (@Tone) so I can log on and invite you ASAP!

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