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AZURE NAITO; Recruiting New Members: Starter Guild[Remington]

By Aioshi - MEMBER (+) - February 03, 2016, 10:15:00

Hey Everyone, i just came up with a new guild and its has grown over the past two weeks since it started in mid January. We are now Lvl5 guild with Lvl 3 bonuses complete. This guild is alligned to the Bonta nation and usually accept players who've already chosen a nation; it shouldn't take too ling to choose one ^^. As the guild leader i do try to help new members during my spare time. helping them lvl up, providing some materials or just trying to have some fun.

Since i like to play minecraft too, the name of the guild came from a white flower in the game called 'Azure Bluet'. Naito is a japanese word to mean night ^^. So i thought it was a really cool name, i hope you think so too; we are green and black so maybe you'll like the colours too. smile

We might not have lots of money or even a nice guild haven bag but we're always willing to help were we can. Help the guild grow and lets us grow as a family, having fun together. Though im a high level player, im always willing to help you guys out smile

PM the following members if you wish to join the guild:

Aioki, Filia Temporae, Nosyske, Ownerator

Miffzy, Iauva

If no one is online you can skype me: Aiokun (Aio Fox)
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That is the kind of Guild I like to see merging from the mist ! I am the leader of Virtuous and we started at the same step. I wish you good luck in your developpement and hope you'll grow strong !



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