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Remington's Guild Thread

By runeflydino December 03, 2015, 21:17:36
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Score : -30
  • Name of Guild
  • Languages allow
English in the guild chat(the rest can be any other languages).
  • Brief Description (1 line)
Brakmarian guild , with chill and friendly vibes seeking active members.
  • Recruitment Status
Recruiting until the guild's full.
  • Contact Info
Toxicality , Ailuropoda , Ern , Steve Angello
3 -1
Score : -46
  • Name of Guild ; Fly Lords
  • Languages allow ; All, ( International )
  • Brief Description (1 line) ( come have some fun and make some friends ) ( Brakeman Nation )
  • Recruitment Status open 75 +
    [*]Contact Info via here, or in game , Glockz
    Fly Lords
    recruitment thread,
1 -5
Score : 30
  • Name of Guild
  • Languages allow
  • Brief Description (1 line)
Depuis 2 ans, Phénix est une guilde qui vise à rassembler des joueurs francophones sur le serveur international de Remington. Basés sur bonta avec Havre-monde, nous sommes lvl 10 tout bonus. Nous sommes continuellement à la recherche de nouveaux joueurs afin de diversifier nos rangs. MP nous!
  • Recruitment Status
Contactez nous IG ou via le forum de la guilde.
  • Contact Info
Bosphor, Xeloorian, Ston
4 -2
Score : 2250
  • [*]Name of Guild
    Languages allow
    Brief Description (1 line)
    we are a little old amaknian guild with an HW and we just want to be active and friendly smile
    Recruitment Status
    Just be on nation Amakna  we don't have lv restrict.
    Contact Info  or teutronic in game.
5 -1
Score : 38
[Hidden Mist Alliance] [English Only] [Open Recruitment, No requirements!]
HMA is a guild made for people to have fun and make new friends! Rank system is based off of Naruto.
Contact: IGN- Ririll (guildmaster) | Discord

Thank you very much for making this thread!
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Score : 6357
  • The Eternal Ones / Amakna Based
  • No language barrier, preferred medium in English
  • [*]fed up of playing alone? looking for a nice family guild? yup youve found it !
    Requirements :  be talkative be nice be fun XD  know english 
  • Open recruitment status. No level requirements.
  • [*]Contact Info :
    Can contact us in game or via discord : Stotena, Nemetelin, Royal Uchiha , Yeezy Boost,
    we have players from all time zones so finding the ones active during the particular time can be an issue. Thus to solve that we have a discord channel where one can join and even organize runs and other activities.
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Score : 448

Hello , returning player ,88lvl sram, sufokian nation.
Looking to join a guild : English speaking , lvl doesnt matter as long as guildmates can help me craft stuff biggrin , anyways interested in pvp dungeon runs .  Ingame nick : Akulla

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Score : 1455
Arzallum [Portuguese, English] [Open Recruitment, No requirement]
We are a Bontarian level 10 guild with all guild bonuses, looking for a HW and for more people to run dungeons and enjoy the game together!
Contact: Kasai Handoru, Naraki, Datsuki
Discord: Here.
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Score : 1236

Returning player, Osamodas named Taka Boonce (lvl 25) and Ecaflip named Yomado (lvl 15), nation yet decided on both, English speaking.

I'm interested in and down for any activities, be it gathering, crafting, dungeon runs or PvP.

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Score : 1
  • Name of Guild
Discriminating Lemon
  • Languages allow
French / English
  • Brief Description (1 line)
Created in april 2019, little guild searching for active members ~ use of discord 
Créée en avril 2019, petite guilde cherchant des membres actif.ves ~ nous utilisons discord
  • Recruitment Status
IG + discord (oyashiro#8264)
  • Contact Info
Mertor Barbris / Anya Chey-Long / Marcus Alicius
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Score : 128

Name of Guild: Shokushu Empire
Languages allow: german, english
Brief Description (1 line): all new players, still enthusiastic
Recruitment Status: open for all; nerds, freaks and weirdos preferred 
Contact Info: Zanducky, Ironio, Ragnaos, Tenese or Angry Beaver

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Score : 2

Returning player currently with a Xelor lvl 51 (Titaniae) looking for an active guild. The level of the players doesn't matter, and I speak Portuguese, English, German, Swedish and can understand some French

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Score : 99
  • Name of Guild: Council of Twelve
  • Languages allow: Italiano
  • Brief Description: Gilda attualmente liv. 6, alternativa alle poche gilde italiane presenti
  • Recruitment Status: reclutamenti aperti
  • Contact Info: Yughz
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