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The village hidden in the rain guild recruiting!

By Ernius - MEMBER - November 23, 2015, 09:40:33
Some say there is a village that is hidden in the rain and only those, who are courageus find it!
This is a new guild that was created not long ago, however the players that created it are quite high level thus leveling the guild very fast. It has already reached level 6 with all upgrades purchased and the level is rising almost daily!! We'r already planning on buying a HW which we estimate will be built quite fast since we already have tons of matterials in store waiting !
The guild, which is located in remi server, is recruiting new people and old people , the only requirement to join the guild is being active and speaking English! The guild nation is brakma, however people from all nations are welcome!
Furthermore there are huge plans for this guild in the near future so we would appreceate people who consider this and join us in our journey to building a guild that is fun, respectfull and all in all a nice guild.
For more information or for an invite contact me via ankamabox or my ingame name : Ernbiggrin

Update: we have recruited a few new members thank you for you'r time rewieving this threat ^.^
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