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Guild "Triarii" Recruitment Thread - Brakmarian Only - PVP Encouraged

By New November 19, 2015, 20:50:08
Thanks for checking out the Triarii recruitment thread!

I'm "Earn" an Air Cra and also the leader of Triarii. For those who have swapped over from Nox you might remember me as "Bow", a high level Air Cra who resided in Brakmar. I was a participator in the Wakfu beta as well as alpha and I was the owner of the guild "Option." Option was created the day of release, and was the highest level Brak guild for the first few months after Wakfu's official release date. In addition, our guild members also held the very first elected government in Brakmar on the Nox server.

Me and a few close friends have recently started Wakfu again, and have decided to swap to Remington to take advantage of the higher population of players on this server.

If you are a player on Remington who is Brakmarian and looking to join a guild, we are a Brak only guild with players ranging from level 40-90. Currently we have 8 players that swapped over from Nox, so we are well versed at Wakfu strategy and will be leveling very quickly. Each of our guildmates play daily, usually during mid-day to early in the morning, anywhere between noon and 2AM Eastern Standard Time.

The guild name is "Triarii", which was named after the group of most experienced and wealthiest Roman Soldiers. We don't roleplay or anything, but we felt the name was fitting for a nationalistic guild that are enthusiastic about destroying Bonta scum. (lol)

As we reach higher levels we will be leaving our wings on 24/7, so those that are interested in PVP are encouraged to join, especially if you like territory battles and invasions. Although being a guard is not a requirement to join, group PVP and large invasion forces are extremely fun and one of the things we enjoy most after reaching mid-to-end game.

I will be helping new+ low level players level up and we love to run group dungeons often. We are generous with equipment drops and resources and sharing them within the guild is a common occurrence. We are all between the ages of 21-26, so we would like those applicants who are willing to be mature and friendly in guild chat.

If you are interested in joining our guild, we would be ecstatic to have you! Please message one of our Squad Captains;


or post here, and one of us will get right back to you.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to fight along side of you in game!


Welcome Eoliers! smile

Updated thread with our levels
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Hi I have just decided to move to Wakfu after playing Dofus for ages. I have a Level 26 Iop and Level 10 Cra here in Remington. Total newbie here but I've started subscribing my Iop (cra will follow soon) and I was hoping to join a guild that can help maximize my Wakfu experience.

Iop - Ysabelle
Cra - Princess Hairflip

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New|2015-11-19 20:50:08
PvP Encouraged

>PvP Encouraged
>Lead by a level 103
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