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By nettyneets - MEMBER - November 05, 2015, 01:36:04

Hello everyone!rolleyes

My name is Netty and together with my fiance Matty we decided to create a guild.
Our aim is to establish and maintain a guild filled with active and friendly players who enjoy having random conversations in the guild chat and grouping up with others for doing dungeons and leveling.
In other words we want to be a guild where you know more about others than just their level and character name.

There's no level limit so anyone can join provided that they can speak english so that we can all communicate.
Notorious is aligned with Bonta but you can join regardless of your nation.

If you are a new player to the game and feel like you need some help getting started we would also be more than happy to help you in any way we can :-)

As this guild is brand new, we don't have much organised yet but this gives you the chance to suggest things and shape the guild.
I will update this thread with any additions or changes.

If you would like to join us don't be shy and message me or Matty in-game or on the website. Our characters are listed below.

Netty: Hiko-Neeko, Niji-Neeko, Keikai-Neeko
Matty: Captain Flatulence, Hu Flung Pu, Mister-Boombastic

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Thank you for taking the time to read our thread and if you have any questions you can message us here or in game smile

Reserved post.

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i am looking for an (kind of) active guild, you can contact me in-game

I tried contacting you both( shows you're online but i think its bugged smile )

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Hi, I had the same problem as Eliteroy, I couldn't contact you IG. So I'll do it there.

I recently started playing again Wakfu, and playing alone isn't that fun. I also switched servers, so my characters are low levels ( 18 ~ 23 ~ 23 on 3 accounts ). I thought your guild sounded friendly enough and I'm looking forward joining it! smile

IGN : Reliok / Rashkail / Ruvaen

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Hi ! I've tryied to reach you in game but failed, so I try it this way =)

Batros and I have started playing Wakfu a few weeks ago and we are looking for a guild to spend some time with. We saw your description and we both thought that your guild was exactly the kind of guild we were looking for. We would like to do some dungeon and xp with the guild, but also have fun, discuss and get some advices about the game (I played dofus for years but I don't know wakfu very much). So, it would be nice if we could join the guild and play with you =D

You can contact us in game : Azquee / Batros

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