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Join Hephaestus- today !

By Solarn September 01, 2015, 17:11:30
Hey there, I'm Thaine
I'm the leader of this snazzy guild called Hephaestus right now, we're only level 4, we're a pretty brand new guild right now only 4-5 members online daily, " we have to get this up" ! yeah !* random noises

Why should you join us ?

Right now, we're a small new guild, but we're a family, we're always joking around
and never take it seriously, because that's how a family is, we help each other
we make jokes and game together !, so if want to join our family, we welcome you
with open arms smile !.

Guild requirements-
Don't abuse your guild rank ( that's not fun you guys!)
We make jokes, but never go to personal smile
Do no start any guild wars, seriously guys don't, new guild here, we'll get crushed yo !
Do not steal from the guild,

Minimum level to join
Hahahahaha ... yeah right , " we accept anyone"

We are the great nation of Amanka !!" Smells mhmmm greeny"

The main language is spoken is English, but Dutch is also welcome smile

How to contact us ?

Leave a message here or just pm us ingame biggrin ~ Thaine/Stagnant
Dargonette /Darlah Strinity.


Thaine ( Stagnant)

Dragonette ( Darlah)
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You forgot to say we also have melons tongue tongue
Awesome guild peeps!!! biggrinbiggrin 

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Welcome new guild wink
Can't wait to see you guys grown and become strong!
I shall be watching :@

:tap:White Knight:tap: (i have a tagg angry)

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Hi! I'm interested in joining your guild. You seem really nice! I want to help you guys level and grow.

My IGN is Al Senpai (Lowercase L). I'm normally on between 8-12 PM EST most days. When would it be best to see you guys online?

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Thaine and Dragonette, those names seem familiar.
Seeming as I am guildless ATM I'll try and make contact with you tomorrow.

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I am about to start a fresh adventure on Wakfu again. I would like to help you guys grow and play active and friendly people. I speak Dutch and English fluently.

My IGNs are Wress & Akigra.

Hope to catch you in game!

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Could I join?

I'm returning from a 3 year break from the game and I'm slightly confused with...everything. I hope to have a good time in this guild, it seems pretty cosy since it's small and all.

+ guilds in wakfu are amazing so yaaaaaaaaa.

IGN : Youth / Tariqo

Also, my eni (Youth) is in the Riktus clan somehow so I'm using my alt (Tariqo) to farm iron ores so i can turn it into kamas. 10k more kamas to go...yay : (

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