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[Remington] Lords of Chaos Guild looking for members - "Social" Guild! -

By FSPolardIo - MEMBER - August 25, 2015, 17:22:10

Hi all, I'm Evetta, I'm a Cra and the leader of Lords of Chaos since 3 years now. This Guild was born as a PvE guild in the past, but because of problems - including leechers, thieves, inactivity and more - this Guild recently changed to "social*".

- Guild details.
The Guild is still level 7 also if we are in game from 3 years, it never was popular, we never had problems with other Guilds and we avoid quarrels, we just like to have fun and help each other when possible. We really DON'T LIKE leechers, we had really bad experiences with leechers back in the time, we WILL NOT help you if you are a leecher.
The Guild is Amaknian but if you are in another nation it's not a problem (there will be a problem if you are a PvP player..) everyone is welcome, our Haven World is located in Sufokia, Terrana Dune. If you need help, or need a group with someone of your level to have fun, explore, fight, craft, or have a question or need some tips just ask in Guild chat, someone will reply you for sure.. Shortly: be nice with us and we will be nice with you.

- Guild requirements.
We don't ask you much, we just ask you to donate us the resources you don't need for improve Haven World. Every level is accepted, every nation is accepted too. Also, when you are going to quit the game for many days just let me know because inactive players will be kicked out in 30 days, if you come back in game and you see yourself out of the Guild just text me if you want to rejoin. We don't tolerate disrespectful people, racism, insults.. just have common sense. Be mature: there will be a time to laugh and a time to be serious. If someone report me that you caused problems to people you will be kicked out of the Guild*.

- Guild contacts.
- Evetta, Guild Leader.
- Martynika, Vice Leader.
(If we are offline you can contact other guildies, they will tell us about you)

We are - of course - also available for give you more details.

*-"Social" Guild.
This means that we are not totally focused in PvE or PvP, we just want to enjoy the game with other people and make this guild bigger: so everybody will have friends/companions of their level to play with. - Also if we are not focused in something we will of course run dungeons, Ultimate Bosses, crafts, funny events in our HW (Haven World) and more! -

*The problem you caused must be verified
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