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[English] Coup D'état (Recruiting)

By MereBytes - MEMBER - August 10, 2015, 19:31:32

Hey Kittens,

We are a fun loving and mostly english speaking guild but we have members that can speak other languages like french, finnish et cetera.
Passable english talent for communication with guild members is required.
Our guild is aligned with the nation of Bonta.

The guild was started in july 2015 by Prox-Arrow, Trachinus Draco, Lixii, Craziercloth.
All of the founding members been playing this game for a long time like way before game went F2P and some even in closed/open beta.

In day one we gathered guild points to reach lvl 3 and now we're lvl 6 guild and ready to start seriously recruiting members for our ever growing guild.

We might be a small guild but we run many high lvl dungeons together and Steel Beak weekly.
Also we are able to reach maxinum guild points per week mostly with everyone.

We seek:
- Active, Friendly, Trusworthy and Mature ppl
- lvl 120+
- Passably english speaking (or language supported by other member that can speak english too)

Multiple accounts are ok after you reach certain rank. (Super Coney)
Inactives are cleaned regularly.We do not have Haven World yet.


Q. Is this an alt guild?
A. No. This is guild started from scratch by few veteran players.

Q. Coup D'état...Is this Riktus Guild? Why this name?
A. Bonta guild and no reason. Trach picked the name random when guild name was asked from all and it stick

We piqued your interest? Join Us!

Prox-Arrow, Prox-Punch
Trachinus Draco, Trach, Noble Mandrago, Trachys (same account)
Emmiie (Lixii)

Contact Us smile

or send your request to our steam group recruitment thread at
Click here 

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Hahah glad to see you guys make a guild.
Always here for you


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Still working on ranks. Suggestions are welcome xD

rmb + open img in new tab (or window) to make it bigger
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We're reaching lvl 6 with the guild and we have recruited some wonderful ppl in our guild.
Also prox has come back from his vacation.

Now lvl 6 guild happy
(updated on first post)

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I am no longer in this guild due personal reasons. PM me if you're interested.
I'm in La guilde now.

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