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Antler Knights needs you!

By NotYami May 25, 2015, 16:53:10

Hello people!

We, the Antler Knights are a level 7 guild (if that interests you) and are in need of more people!

Now, a little about us.. we are a PvE only guild that allows all nations to join, so you can't be a guard in any of them, and thus, can't do PvP. Sorry 'bout that. But if you REALLY thirst for blood, friendly duels are always available, of course.
About requirements: There aren't any!! Yep. You can be level 0, level 175, we don't care. Also no need to be super active, if you show up once or twice a week that's good enough. That said, we love active people. So if you can, be active. And be social! We like talking, fooling around and making friends, so don't stay quiet!

What else to say.. you're free to ask any of us for help and we'll be happy to join you. Be it burning gobballs or slapping Black Crow. If there's enough people online, you can be sure we'll try to get together and do several dungeons or ultimate bosses, and you of course, can join!

I think that's about it. At the moment lots of our members stopped coming online, and we are feeling a little lonely. So come be our friend!!

To be recruited, you can make a post here with how we can contact you, or contact some of us in-game.

People you can call!:

Mana Chan

Have fun~

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fun and helpful guild ^^

NotYami|2015-05-25 16:53:10
Antler Knights
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