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Old player LFG

By DeAntes May 16, 2014, 15:23:35
Good evening honeyz !

Haven't playd since trees was higher and sky was blue-er ... and larvas gived more exp.
I'v left when Pig boss was added ... so i'v missed a lot i guess. But memories and atmospere of that game don't gives me to leave at all.

I was in Synergy guild all time i'v played but as i know it's broken now =(
So looking for guild, pretty ppl, nice mood and cookies =P


P.S. Sorry for my "broken english" ... haven't any practice of it about a year )
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Oh hai Saccar! I think I remember you from the Mumble back when the Wakfu alliance was a thing. ( I use to be in Rage )
You're welcome to join Sacred Light I think a few people also remember you there! smile

~ Shinohara
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Oh ) Yeah i remember ^^ !!! But this theme not actuall anymore cause of "Musketeers" guild !

Was sure that no one from Synergy are still playing aaand was wrong )
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Do you still play, Saccar? Synergy is starting up again wink

~ Karah
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