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Sabertooth is recuting!

By Ulricque - MEMBER - April 02, 2014, 19:36:31
Sabertooth is recuting!Yes the rumors are true! Sabertooth is recruiting new members. We're now a level 7 guild and growing strong.

Members of all nations, Sabertooth greets you!

Sabertooth was created to help new players of wakfu, those who are in difficulty to find group to level, those who need help for all the possible aspect of the game and those who struggle in dungeons. Joining forces with other members gives strength in numbers, lets us co-ordinate our efforts, meet other fun people, and basically just help to facilitate our awesomeness.laugh

Who can join?
Any class is welcome, as are all levels but mostly level 100+. Make sure you read the rules before signing up and don't expect it to be easy a guild is after all making common efforts for our own benefit, hardworking and help each other. We want people who want to have fun, will help build the guild, and be part of our pack.

What Sabertooth has to offer?
  • Guild bank:We keep a chest full of keys for as many dungeons as possible. An another one for sets and equipments for all builts in the Guild bank for low to mid-level players, which we lend out to help our members.
  • High level members: We have in our guild high level members that are very active and help in leaching and dungeons if anyone need helps. Also we help you to become one of our high member.
  • Heaven World: Our heaven world helps members to increase their skils in planting, Herbalist, Farming and Lumberjack.
  • Leveling Session: We do leveling groups more than twice a day for weakest one of us, and also help Guild members to organize groups to help them level at any times.
  • Free Membership: Members reaching 6000 guild point will receive 1 free month of membership.

How to join?
  • This is an english speaking guild so you must be able to speak english to join.
  • If you want to join the guild contact; Lilary,Vouter or Malik.
  • If you can't reach us just leave your name below and we'll do the rest.
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PM'd you guys and you're not on, drop me a message when you are on Xaenerys smile 
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