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The Fire Academy[Guild Bonus & Haven World Bonus Completed]

By FhilyboyTheBadboy - MEMBER - March 25, 2014, 14:44:49

The Fire Academy is a big guild
that you can find a big active roster Majority lvl 100 to 175.Our Guild can be classified as a Mid-Level to High Level Dungeon Runner Guild And also a Crafting Guild because of the Haven World Itself & Guild Crafting Bonus.
Being a Big Guild worked for us & helped us a bit when it comes on recruiting members to do dungeon and kill boredom in the way of chatting .The Goal for now is to have fun, to make a relax & lively community in game to make Wakfu experience easier in the way of Events & Awesome Projects.
We are still a neutral Guild who dont aim to be the strongest or to be the riches Guild.
The guild might change when the Game itself add more exciting System.

The Guild understand that some players have only limited time to play, people only play this game to escape real life stuffs or simply to have some fun, so we really want our member to be more relax as possible by giving them pretty much all the basic things they need,only help the guild if have extra time or extra kamas and not to force them to do this or do that.Our guild is open to suggestions and diplomatic when it comes to Guild Major Changes.
The guild is always in your back,
but its all about your personality,time,style & dedication that will make you successful to this game.

The Guild will provide guidance, active members that you can play with, Crafters,Complete Buffs,Big Haven World and other project & ideas to make their Wakfu experience fun & easier.

We dont like drama and we kick @sshole member ASAP.laugh

The guild have pretty much all the basic things you need,
But its not late to contribute you can still be the part of Guild progression
by helping guild members,giving ideas and Guild donation for the Guild Events & Haven World Future Upgrade.

Once you joined our guild its like smoking a Marijuana, You dont need to worry,
all you need is to make friends and level up.
A good combination of Fun,Relax, and Warm in the same time.

1 Alternative Character per person or no alt at all to maximize the roster and more person to team up with.

GUILD PRIMETIME: GMT 14:00 Sever time.

Our Guild is linked to the nation of Bonta, which means most of the members are Bontarian but all nation can join.

  • Our guild have a Google doc and website with game information and links that will help our members to progress the game.(Thanks to all the player who shared there Wakfu knowledge in WWW)
  • Our Haven World contains an extensive Planting Zone for leveling gathering professions and gathering mats for crafting without worrying about balancing the ecosystem and the effects of temperature. Paired with a seed Storage Bag located outside of our Haven World which contains all the Herbalist, Farming and Lumberjack plants that can be planted in the Haven World, so you don’t have to go out and search for them. Haven Bag Seed Storage
  • Haven World Mines – We have a large level 85 Blood Red Amethyst in our Haven World, available for the use of our Guild members.Paired with the guild HW sharing with La guilde that give us opportunity to use their Fishing Lake lvl 85 fishing Moonfish// lvl 90 fishing Piri Pirhainas. So we dont need to struggle mining and fishing outside we can easily level up our proffesions without the problem of PK'ers,easier mining & fishing & specially avoid competition from the other Miners & Fisherman. Click this link to see: Mining Zone // Fishing Lake
  • Guild bank :We keep a page full of keys for as many dungeons as possible. We also keep a small selection of set parts in the Guild bank for mid-level to high-level players,food buffs,seeds for gathering professions,fireworks and shushu smokenmirs which we lend out to help our members or to be use in Events.
  • Experienced players within the Guild provide opportunities for Guild members to learn how the game works, from Leveling and crafting to Ultimate Bosses.(You need to ask the guild )
  • Guild Meetings & Events: We hold regular meetings and events to keep in touch with our members and share ideas and discuss plans and the progress of the Guild. Events: Guild Lottery, Guild PVP,Guild Dungeon Run
  • We also have a guild Teamspeak channel where we hangout, chat, and talk smack during Ultimate Boss runs.(Thanks to Jerry Db)
  • Every weekends we always activate the Guild bonus +40 wisdom or Prospecting for 6 hours.

1. This is an English speaking Guild, so you need to be able to speak English at least a little.

2. Be mature and civil to Guild members and other players

3. No aggroing (PK'ing) or harassment

4. Let the higher ranks know if you need something from the Haven World or Bank

5. Let us know if you’re going to be away from the game so we can monitor ranks

6. Don’t abuse the Guild bank - replace or return the sets, unused keys and donate key materials when you can

7. Be open to our guild, talk with guildies let us know how we can help you.

8. Kicked from the guild because of inactivity, you can always come back.

9. We will not give you a fish to eat, We will teach you how to catch fish.

10. 1 Alternative Character per person or no alt at all.

If you’re interested in joining the Derpiest Guild on Remington
How to join! please answer the following questions!

For a while we gonna use this Guild Thread to recruit new member.
Our website is on maintenance.

Please fill up the application & post it here in this thread.

1. Your character name
2. Level & Class
3. How many hours do you play a day/week? (Give estimate)
4. What time zone are you in?
5. Do you multiclient/have alts or heroes? If yes to either, please provide names.
6. Why are you interested in joining us and why should we pick you?
7. Tell us a little about yourself.
8.Do you have Booster/Subscription?

Q. What answers should I give to give me the best chance of being accepted?
A. We accept most applications, the questions are primarily to give us a better idea of who you are. Be creative, be friendly, that's all there is to it!

What level/class would be appropriate?
A. We accept all levels and classes. At this point in time, our average level is approximately 140~ so lower levels might have difficulty finding dungeon buddies, but we will try and help whenever we can and we are looking for enthusiastic new players to balance out the levels.

Q. Can I join on an alt?
A. Alt characters are welcome if your main already has a guild, as long as they are active and participate.


The Fire Academy Guild was founded by Fhil The Turtleback in 2012. The Guild was a role-playing Guild in the past which focused on helping Brakmar by fixing the ecosystem, fighting Ogrest’s Chaos, fixing Brakmar’s workshops, opening up Brakmar mines,Events,Wars and especially helping, teaching and guiding Brakmar’s newest players. Fhil took a break from Wakfu, and Cloudi(Leader of La Guilde) took over the Guild.

When he returned to the game, Fhil decided to revamp the Fire Academy in December 2013. After changes in the game such as the Guild revamp and ability to change nations, the Guild decided it would be multi-nation. The Guild began recruiting, and purchased a Haven World in the Wild Estate (West). The Guild grew and the Guild leaders and members began working on professions, levelling, holding events and improving the Haven World. The Guild today is extremely active, with 15-30 members online during most of the day, doing content from low to high levels.

Thank you Everyone.
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Good to see the thread!

I am Dirus/Klair btw

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Okey i will try to contact you in game.

Also we will have a 3 v 3 PVP event on Saturday March 29, 2014.

For more info about the event click this link

1st : 100,000 Kamas
2nd: 75,000 Kamas
3rd: 50,000 Kamas

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Hey everyone smile Returning wakfu player here. Was out for about a year, and was thinking of going back.. I want to start fresh and make a new char. This guild seems nice becuz I'm not that familiar with all the changes and i hope to learn alot from u guys. Hope youll be willing to have me. Hope to hear from u guys soon smile 

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FhilyboyTheBadboy|2014-03-27 12:30:12
Okey i will try to contact you in game.

Also we will have a 3 v 3 PVP event on Saturday March 29, 2014.

For more info about the event click this link

1st : 100,000 Kamas
2nd: 75,000 Kamas
3rd: 50,000 Kamas

What time are you guys normally on? o.O Tried contacting one of the names for about an hour or so :x
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Hi can i join? I have been looking for a guild for quite sometime since i returned to the game i am a lvl 70 osa the name is Belcross.

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So,when are next guild meeting and where?

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hey there!

new player from Australia. level 30 Iop on Remington server. I am interested in joining. Getting lonely in game.

In game name is bubonic

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I'm very interested in joining, I'm pretty new to wakfu and this looks like a great guild (I've already seen some members wandering around haha).

In game name is Hero

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Welcome new members!
We still have 15 slot in the guild , if you wish to join our guild pm the list of the high rank member above or talk to random Fire Academy Members.

Guild Update:

Fire Academy and La Guilde Community Service:

Fire academy knew the pain when Ankama reset the mines, The guild leaders decided to gather materials for Megabombs,bought bombs and lantern,that will help Brakmar Government by bombing the Nanny Grotto to Stodeep Mines LVL 1- 5 Brakmar route. We used 430 Megabombs , 70 Normal Bombs and 35 Lanterns. Everyone Enjoy hunting Elite Riktus dungeon!

First Explorer after the March 18th update:


Mike The Miner Tyson - La Guilde
Fhil Barrion- The Fire Academy
Zess Crosszeria- The Fire Academy

Fire Academy 3 v 3 PVP GUILD EVENT:

Another Awesome Successful 3 v 3 pvp event.
Many spectator and teams who watch and joined the event.



Champion : Team Derp : Won 100,000 Kamas
2nd Place: Team Genius :Won 75,000 Kamas
3rd Place: Team Ressi Posie: Won 50,00 Kamas

Other team won 20, 000 for consolation prize.

The Prize money are sponsored by Starger and Fhil.

For more info about The Fire Academy PVP Event

Thank you Everyone.
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Rotcere Mines Site(+10 Prospecting Building) construction started.

Thanks Guildies for supporting our guild, we thought it would take about 3 weeks to construct the Rotcere Mine, but we gathered all the 6,500,000 Resources and 2,250,000 Kamas in 2 weeks,Good Job Everyone. keep donating Kamas and Resources for the Future Buildings.

Next Meeting will be on April 12, 2014 . 1 PM GMT 
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Hi! smile

Name: Aletha
Level: 81

I am very interested in joining The Fire Academy if you guys still recruit members. (:

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I'm interested in joining the guild. My ign is Pandragon, pandawa lvl 105 atm.
Pm me in case you want to recruit me biggrin
See ya

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Hey guys thank you for choosing our guild,
First of all you guys have the right timing joining our guild because next week we will start recruiting again this monday May 19, 2014. I will start the mass leeching again for the new members specially the low lvl ones. I will try to contact you in game,

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Hey, I'm a lvl. 52 Osa. and I've been looking for australians in wakfu and having trouble frinding company, coudl i please join XD??
IGN: Torra

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Nope,never mind,ignore this,bye.

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I'm new to Wakfu, and was wondering if your guild was still recruiting, if I could join. smile I've played once before but I haven't played in a while so I'm starting fresh. I'm Australian and would love to meet some new friends on here as I have no one to talk to and it gets a bit boring haha!

Thanks smile 

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@Lauraxlovexx- yep we are still recruiting we still have 29 guild slot atm, we have a small group of Australian and Asian players here in Fire Academy. But most of the time they are playin on afternoon and night.

Contact this guys:

Kira Klene, Crookie, Soldat, Burning-Hands,Megadeath, Fhil In The Blank.

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