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Hells Angels is recruiting

By EatingYourCake March 04, 2014, 14:35:51
Hells Angels

We're a bunch of nice people who recently started playing again and are trying to get our old guild back on the right tracks. To do this we would like to invite all sorts of players (doesn't matter what class or lvl you are) to join us and help us create a nice and fun community to just have.. You know Fun.

At the moment we are a lvl 7 guild and offer some bonuses but we're looking forward to grow.

If you want to join us you can leave a something on the forum or just contact us in game:

  • Noting (Leader)
  • Ways (Me)

Hope to see you soon.
Much Love,
Ways xx

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sorry i would love to join your guild but i don't have accounts on this server

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What server is the guild on? ohmy 

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Its In server Remington
Our Have Gild Fun Community Q(happyQ)

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Oh there's a biker club on remi now xD

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