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Jabberstuck [AMAKNA guild]

By jade-harley - MEMBER - November 28, 2013, 18:19:46
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Well you got the hairy legs part right, there's that to commend XD

But yeah ever since I join Jabberstruck with Jannet after a huge fallout, I have been so happy and it brought the fun back in Wakfu for me. Even though I make silly mistakes sometimes in high end dungeons it is still fun to be in those dungeons with a group of guildies again.

I hope to experience more fun in this guild in the future
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um im a lvl124 water panda,
none of you were online so yea..
ign: heartless-booze

Score : 34
Im starting at Wakfu. I come from Dofus. I had many lvl +100. I can make the class u need.
IGN: riukon
Score : 2232
(*w*) fresh blood!
*gets ready*
Score : 1145
heartless-booze and riukon i cant find you both in game when im online....
try to contact me on Tatina or Skolz

OM3GA-Z3R0|2014-04-24 09:41:29
Well you got the hairy legs part right, there's that to commend XD

i did my best ._.

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Since it hasn't been posted yet I'd like to announce that we have a guild website now
Banner isn't done 'cause I've been lazy and everyone in the guild are too lazy to make one too xD
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Hello!I don't know if you guys are still recruiting,but when a spot opens up,could you consider adding a lv 64 eni named Ahiru,please?(yes,that's one of my characters)My old guild is barely active anymore,but I still feel like I owe it to them to stick around with my main(lv 106 cra).It's been quite a while now ever since it got quiet and it doesn't look like there's any hope for it to become active again,as only my guild leader logs on in weekends and barely anybody else.
Anyway,thanks for taking the time to read this!
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Please ignore this post.
Score : 1145
A week ago we had an anniversary of our HW ^__^

Score : 1157
Score : 1145
Join us on TS or in skype conf ~^w^~

TS server:
password: jerrydb

to join skype pm Diombach
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Hello everyone! We are linked to Amakna nation now. Welcome!
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Hello. I would like to join smile)
I will try to contact you in game.
My IGN: Powerdash
Looking foward to chatting and having fun wink 
Score : 895
Hi, I'm a low level foggernaut and I would love to join your guild, though I can only play on weekends.

IGN: Xythys
Score : 2
Hello, I would like to join your guild.
I'm Jpanese, and My English is not very good.wacko

IGN: Hatoko
Score : 38
Hi, I'm a level 52 Sram and I would like to join your guild. I play pretty much daily and I'm looking for friends to play with (my friends just don't want to start playing wakfu sad ). My IGN is Saniclel and I'm Amaknian.

Thanks in advance for your reply and see you in-game.
Score : 15
Would like to join you guys, didnt play wakfu in forever but when i saw it on steam with dropped sub i decided to return smile

Im feca 32 atm if you dont mind low level smile my ign is Velimirius
Score : 1145
Sadly but I could not find you today in game but I will try to contact everyone of you next days. Welcome all who already joined us!
Score : 38
Ello there, would like to join but couldn't find anyone on. picked amakna already so might as well look for AMAKNIANS.

ign: fjoll

see you in game, hopefully.
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Hi, I'm a new Waffu player but played Dofus for a long time (retired ~4 years ago).

I have two chars/accounts that I play everyday:
- Kanrinin Pandawa Earth lvl60
- Scissorhands Masqueraider Fire (still experimenting) lvl62

Waiting for your invite, thanks.
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