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Jabberstuck [AMAKNA guild]

By jade-harley - MEMBER - November 28, 2013, 18:19:46

We are pleased to invite you to the English-speaking guild Jabberstuck.
We are mostly high levels people guild and our nation is Amakna.
To join us you need to be active player lvl 120+!

Our bonuses:

Average Guild Level: 150+
HW location: Amakna Traff Algar East

We are ready to offer you a free hugs, help in leveling, building teams for UBs, craft, drops etc.
We have a great crafting plantations in HW, market, lvl 2 kama minter and big guild chest =D

Contacts to join us:
Jharley, Nitrelo, Dropbot, Poetesse or leave here your IGN, we will contact you.
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I'm an active lvl 23 Iop, looking for friends to work together with. I'm very active (I play daily) and I put lots of dedication in an active guild. I'm a Dofus veteran, but I don't know that much about Wakfu, so I could use some help :p


IGN: Vivaz
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Heya Vivaz~ Didn't found you today in game but will try tomorrow again =D
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Active and fun guild. Good ppl to talk/play with. We need high lvl players too for dungeon runs and UB's etc.
So join us smile 
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Score : 1145
Lvl up! More bonuses, more fun~
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Join the Cookie side, we have Dark! Wait... what... blinkbiggrinlaugh
Any active good people expected!
Не бойтесь нас, мы не кусаемся. smile Ну, если может чуть-чуть и только Харли иногда XD.
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Hey guys, Apoteose here!!

You can be sure that those who join us will not regret it!

Good game to all! \ o /
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Can't.... stop... laughing XD
Thank you ~{3
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Hi there

This is Inata Antom, the ultimate panda, speaking !

I am proud of being a part of this magnificent guild. Come and join us!! You won't be regret smile

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Hi! I've a few characters, low level, that are going unused. Why? Because I can't find anyone to talk to (And because I've not got the event pet yet on my main, but that's not the point) . If you wouldn't mind, I might contact one of you's. laugh

My IGN: Golden Life
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Up! Yammy gummy bears!
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I am enjoying my time in this guild that's for sure..

I should totally draw something for you guys..
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Score : 1145
Best drheller ever! Helps his owner to drop so many stuff =D
Score : 7351
My alt can be removed from guild if a strong player wants to join.
Also guildies if you add me to steam you can call me to groups if I'm not ingame.
Steam username: MereBytes
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Got really interested in the group name and I hope I finally found a somewhat mature guildsmile
PM me, as I can't find you online.
IGN: Wolfaz
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I'm really grateful for giving the people that are dear to me chance to shine and way so they won't lose themselves in boredom ^^ I owed it to them for a long while now.
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ww, Jannet... *hugs*

btw i promised koro to show some pic and here it is ._______.
my vision of my main chars by my poor drawing skills XD
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