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Cluster is recruiting!

By JoolsX November 04, 2013, 16:45:58
Hey there! I'm Mimiru, one of Clusters officers, and I'm gonna talk to you about our guild!

I've already wrote this once, but the forums decided I wasn't logged in, and ate my post when I tried to submit the thread, so apologies if this seems rushed.

Cluster is a level 9 guild with 174 members (at the time of writing). Now I'm gonna be straight with you in saying that with our Guildmaster otherwise occupied with real life, he's been finding less and less time to play and the guild has gone downhill, and most of our members are either inactive or alts. Despite this, we still have around 40 active members. This number is growing every day as we actively try and improve the guild.

We're pretty tight knit, and we've never really openly recruited before, preferring to simply invite people as we meet them. Everyone is always willing to help another guildie out and we generally have one or two exp or dungeon groups going on at some point in the day,

We used to have a few UB groups, but those are in shambles right now, and I'm trying my best to remake those and I'd love for anyone interested to let me know!

We have many guild bonuses, ranging from damage and resistances to crafting exp, we usually save points for a while, then ask and see what most people want to buy next.

We have a decent haven world, with dedicated areas for farmers and herbalists, we're currently working on an area for lumberjacks, but we're lacking in funds.. On the bright side I recently made an area out of the new Halloween decorations which looks pretty sweet ^^

The more I look at this the more it just seems like a big list.. I promise you the first post was much better! I'll come back later and fix this.

Anyway! If you're interested in joining, the easiest way would be to get in touch with either me, or another officer, those would be: Mimiru, Genjutsu, Noob Master, Godess Athena, Clania, and Soldierjunvii.

If, for some reason, you can't catch any of us online, you can send me an Ankabox, and I'll get back in touch with you as soon as possible!

tl;dr: Join Cluster, we're great.
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