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Old Dofus Veteran looking for a good guild

By Bentinck November 03, 2013, 21:50:54
I used to play Dofus during beta and up to 2010 but then decided to quit.

I remember Wakfu in the early stages of Beta but never got into it but this weekend decided to sub a month and see what all the fuss is about.

I'm looking for an active guild, doesn't have to be hardcore and members who are up for having a laugh/getting things done fairly.

A lot to ask but I'm a mature player and I'm big on helping others the best way I can.

thanks in advance, my IGN is Bentinck [Sacrier - Fire] 
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I tried to locate you in-game but was unable, I also tried to send you a PM via ankabox, but maybe because your account is so new it failed to send multiple times xD

I'd like to invite you to join the guild Mystic. We've been around since Wakfu opened in 2012 and are still running to this day. Dofus Veteran's are my favourite kind of new Wakfu players and I was hoping you would like to join us smile We're one of the top 5 guilds and have lots of %dmg, %resist, craft XP, HP, and ini bonuses for guildmembers. We're easy going and friendly, but there is the option to do the end-game 'hardcore' content if you so wish.

If you would like to join you can PM me (Zip) or any of the others:
Priks, Pangea, Rosnel, Mislty, Wallman, Blade, WhiskeyJacks, Tamarah, Arcrus, Acteon.
And if for any reason none of these contacts are online, if you run through 5th bond market there is usually one of us there.

Thanks for your time
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Sure that sounds great biggrin

I live in the UK so I'm one hour behind server but I'll be on tonight at some point [about 9pm server time] 
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dont mean to highjack this thread, but i am also a long term dofus player who has decided to have a pop at this wakfu thing.

i played from 2005-2011 , quit dofus for year 2/3 of uni and have no real desire to go back .
i dont do leeching or whatever, and am very big on professions ... just want some people to talk to on this server smile

i will try and PM someone later if thats alright tongue
In game name is zonked ( someone stole magics D: )
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Sounds awesome guys, I'm personally not very active atm due to exams but if you can find someone on that list to have a chat with, should be all good smile 
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