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Damn Snoofles! [RECRUITING]

By Shaleigh1 - MEMBER - April 04, 2012, 17:25:25
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Chief, I'll point one of my colleagues your way. He's just started playing. Rosa and myself will take him on a few lower-level grinds to build him up enough for a few runs with the rest of the gang smile 
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Devvy I am going to invite you once I get home from work.

And your buddy I am going to invite then too, Weena
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Hello smile i'm quite the newbie but would like to join a friendly guild and of course make some friends to play together. the guild sounds great and i would be glad to join ^^IGN: Devilish
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I will be at work most of the day, so I can invite you in like 10 hours from now. Will try to contact you then smile
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Started playing a few days ago, a guild would be nice. IGN - Kwaz
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The last two people posting here will have to give me another day for the invite. I will be pretty busy with work today. But over the weekend or tonight already I sure will find time.

Hope it is ok for you to wait so long smile
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been trying to get in contact with the leader for a few weeks now, if you could contact me please smile

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Oh hey Mars, am I really that hard to contact? Oo

Should have told Dirk or someone to let me know.

I will try and contact you from now till I am successful.
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Hello there! Not sure on level caps for your guild, but I have a level 9 Panda that I'm leveling (by myself in Amakna) and was wondering if it was possible to join the guild? I hope you can reply. IGN = The Merry Tree

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Hello, I would like to join your guild, I have a level 43 Feca but have pretty much forgotten everything about the game, would be nice to get advice from others in the guild, is it possible I could join?

IGN = Asleif
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I will try to contact all that I haven't reached yet over the course of this day...hope I am successful. But you guys feel free to pm me (Temps Perdu/Coal Miner/Loxsley) or Nokorin in game too, makes it easier for me.

We are constantly hitting the maximum member cap and I am trying to sort out inactive people still, but at some point I am pretty sure I will have to close down recruitment again. Will make it obvious in this thread though once that happens.

Ankama really needs to raise the cap.
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Ichie is now officially a professional recruiter tongue

Edit: Oy, wrong account. Burg here wink
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Ichiechiechie|2013-11-18 12:36:51
Coltain|2013-11-18 10:55:46
Ichie is now officially a professional recruiter tongue

Edit: Oy, wrong account. Burg here wink
I demand to be demoted Q_Q /crai

Here's an ongoing Promo for all the new recruits from a few crazy Snoofles.
Burgy will murder us biggrin

Not sure about you Ichie, you are too cute to be murdered xD

But errm, Burg will first murder me, then make fries of me, then maybe add some potatoes on it and eat me..... Shivers.... Time to hide tongue

Ichiechiechie|2013-09-04 16:12:57
Just saying hi to Burg and Girly and friends XD!

here's a doodle of grumpy Loxsley -v- /cause

I just found this and wanted to Bump, this is gorgeous Ichie, I really love it. Sweet, keep up the good work. Love you, kisses tongue 
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I'm level 104 need guild. I stopped because i have no friends in wakfu :/
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LegendSpirit-|2013-11-19 00:00:56
I'm level 104 need guild. I stopped because i have no friends in wakfu :/

Well, if you'll join us you'll have plenty!
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Hey guys,
I have just recently started playing again and am looking for some nice people to enjoy the game with. Would be great if someone could shoot me an invite. biggrin

IGN: Flying Fox
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I would love to join the guild but

none of you mentioned to contact is ever online sad

my IGN is Kkak
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Hi guys!

Im from the Netherlands playing this lvl118 Enu Trasura, at first happy with my old guild, but now its more and more inactive. I dropped out and looking for an active guild, Damn Snoofles sounds just like that to me! Im a very much sharing person in the drops i make,if i dont really need them, i love leveling profs some now and then but i need help in leveling higher and higher. Oh and i have all gatherprofs at lvl 100 / Baker 100 / Handyman 100

Please invite me?
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