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Damn Snoofles! [RECRUITING]

By Shaleigh1 - MEMBER (+) - April 04, 2012, 17:25:25
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We don't have a hang-out nation, though our HW is in Brakmar.

Everybody just does their thing smile We often form small groups for various dungeons, or to work together on various gatherings. But that's it smile 
Do I need to visit your HQ to sign up?
Hey there,
We have people from all over the world so I can assure you that time zones won't be an issue at all. Also no need to visit our HW, just pm Prometheous in game so I can shoot you an invite. I'm usually online from 11:00-17:00 and from 20:00-1:00 GMT+2

- Prometheous, acting GM of Damn Snoofles 
crystalsuicune|2014-02-09 23:04:17Brakmar,huh...
Do I need to visit your HQ to sign up?

Nope, just chat with Prometheus smile 
How do I join? :O
AomitsuX|2014-02-11 10:30:02How do I join? :O

Pm Prometheous in game, he will send you an invite.
AomitsuX|2014-02-11 10:30:02How do I join? :O

Honestly! You post that question right below the post in which I answer that exact same question of another person biggrin 
I tried too, but it says Prometheous is not connected or does not exist. o.o
He may have been offline at the time smile

Other names to try: Grayfux, Irathius, Erathius
In the coming days I'll be occupied with matters outside the game and thus I'm delegating recruitment to my most trusted generals. Anyone who wishes to join can contact any of these names mentioned below:


Thanks everyone!

- Prometheous, acting GM of Damn Snoofles
TIL, I'm a general now biggrin 
Going to add the names to the OP.
I am dreadfully sorry, but due to a current lack of active generals we temporarily need to suspend further recruitment.

Updates will follow.

It is now june and we are officially dead. Our HW still exists and will remain functional for existing members who choose to stick around.

Brickface / Seniv: I just wanted to let you know... where ever you are in the world, Rosa and I miss you. All the best to you buddy!
Is anybody from Guild still exist online?
I'm sorry, but no not really. While our roster still consists of 160 players, most of these are inactive. Our active player base has moved on to other guilds, or other games. The guild and its haven world are being kept alive for those people who like to have access to these, or who have fond memories (like myself).

Maybe one day we will again become glorious. Who knows?
Hello, I was in this guild once and just liked to wish you the very best guys!

I hope you can find those people that are nice and calm who would help you biggrin .

If anything, you can always even ask me, if you want, for anything smile .

Lucy Heartofilia

I would just like to ask. Could I join the guild please, because I can't seem to find a guild I can fit into and yours seems to be calm and quiet, and with no with no drama. I have read that your guild is in times of many people being off or leaving and I can say that I am very active at most times and that I could help you if needed smile . I am only a lvl62 Cra at the moment but I have a friend who helps me and I will keep leveling bit by bit.

Thank You,
Terry Moonshadow
Do you still exist?
If so do you still recruit? wub 
because I can't seem to find a guild I can fit into and yours seems to be calm and quiet, and with no with no drama.
Actually, drama is mostly what killed us a few months ago.

I do not believe that any of our guid leaders are currently active. So even if we were recruiting, we could not add you. For now, please consider this guild as "not recruiting"  

Ara or Coal Miner, if you ever read this: please elevate my rights again. There's a mess I need to fix smile 
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