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Damn Snoofles! [RECRUITING]

By Shaleigh1 - MEMBER - April 04, 2012, 17:25:25
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Hey, I'm new to wakfu, although i did play in beta it's been a few years since i've played, just wondering if anyones online right now who can invite me to the guild? smile

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Hey i started playing this game again and would like to join your guild since i don't have any friends that play this game. i hope your still recruiting and i'm not too late since i'm still a bit of a noob smile
My character name is: Aleas
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Hey, my name is Olbohn.
Well, I'm here trying to get a simple explanation, nothing more.

These days I joined the guild, I got in touch with Nokorin and got invited, spent some time in the guild then had to log off, when I returned back online I was removed from guild, tried to get some explanation but didn't have a single word.

So it would be very nice if someone could tell me I was expelled so suddenly, and why the silent treatment.
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Bloody1985|2014-01-30 15:50:24
Still looking for awesome-fun-loving-ass-kicking players smile Gimme a PM on Bloody Rogue, Bloody Sword, Bloody Heal, Bloody Heals, Bloody Coin, Bloody Coins or Bloody Tank for a quick interview and invite~

Freed some slots so we're open for recruitment~

Bloody still aggressive as always XD!

If you can't contact him for some unknown reason

PM Nokorin / Laciel / Ichie smile !

Have a good day ^^
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Ichiechiechie|2013-11-17 14:22:20
Shaleigh1|2013-11-17 08:37:05
I will try to contact all that I haven't reached yet over the course of this day...hope I am successful. But you guys feel free to pm me (Temps Perdu/Coal Miner/Loxsley) or Nokorin in game too, makes it easier for me.
@[email protected] And here I was feeling unsure if I was gonna say yes to all of them. I thought they needed the Intensive Burg Interview. This explains why they've been PMing me instead XD;

haaaiiii there, Burgy and Snoofles!
Hey. I had an extensive break during the XMAS period, just wondering if you were still recruiting and if so who I contact. (Is it you Ichie ph34r)
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i would like to join im a lvl 70 cra smile 
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Heya all biggrin

You look like a cool guild smile

I played Wakfu Closed and Open Beta and i played a bit for the summer.

Thinking about starting for a month and if i find a nice guild ill keep playing.

I was a lvl 67 Fire Osa but i got a respec so i could go roll the ALMIGHTY air osa

Char Name: Rhum

Hope to be in the guild soon smile 
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Never robbed, just took our stuff back. If I was at this point, then I did a pathetic job, robbing you guys. Please don't make false accusations. ^^

PS It is not me who is alright with keeping somebody who causes his guildies to get PK'd just because he cant mind his own business.
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Shaleigh1|2014-02-05 18:05:03
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Allright, problems all sorted out smile

Back to being a mature and peaceful guild as we always were. As I just said in guild chat: "Social interactions can be complicated, shit happens from time to time"

I will leave all new and old recruits in the very capable hands of Prometheous from now. Couldn't wish for a better leader!

There will also be some other people you can contact for recruitment that I am going to list in the OP eventually. Best of luck to the active Snoofles, you guy sare still the best guild Wakfu has ever seen smile

Dang it, wrong account. Shaleigh here
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Huh,sounds interesting,I'm intrigued.

Which nation do you guys usually hang out in?
In case I need to meet-up in game eventually (doesn't help that I'm on the UK timezone which doesn't like the US timezone very much)
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