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Damn Snoofles! [RECRUITING]

By Shaleigh1 - MEMBER - April 04, 2012, 17:25:25
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Hi there,

I am looking to join a guild and to me your guild seems the one for me.

Player info;

Basics: 20/M/England.
Language: English(Although a terrible speller at times)

IG info:

Name: Bulmer
Class: Sacrier
Level: 75
Class: Fire/Earth Hybrid(Trying something a little different)

Little details:

When I used to play Dofus I was a part of the Relentless Fury guild for over 2 years and had a great time with the other guildies. Most of them like yourselves were a bit older than your average Wakfu player and I enjoyed the maturity.

Due to my job role I am limited to what days I can play but generally am on a couple of days a week. I will either be on all morning/afternoon or be up all night haha.

So there you have my application for the guild and I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for your time,

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Hi there,

I am going to contact and invite you as soon as I get home from work. Which should be in roughly 4 hours from now smile 
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Couldn't find you in game tonight Bulmer, but will keep trying.

Here a Magmog kill from tonight where 1 Eni disconnected in turn 1. We still managed to kill that sucker with 5 biggrin

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Very nice job, guys, congratulations! smile

~ Karah
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Thank you tongue

Next time you will be part of the team till the end I am sure ^^
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My apologises for not being online.

I am online at the moment and will be til around 1am smile, I will try catch one of you guys when I am online.
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Newbie looking for guidance wishing to join. (Used to play during beta, but everything has changed).

Playing: Trucy the Iop
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Hello there,

I am going to be online in about 4 hours from now and will try to contact you then.
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Darn. I didn't see this and wasn't online.
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No worries, we will just keep trying. You can also try and contact me (Temps Perdu) when you are online, although today I won't have much time to be online at all. Maybe in like 10ish hours from now.
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Is the list of contacts up to date? Because I can try that every time I am on. =)
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Hi all, you guys still recruiting? I'm playing a level 43 Air Sacrier and I was part of a guild but they've been very inactive for a long time now and I'd prefer a more active guild since company is the one thing that makes grinding for challenges bearable smile

In-game name is Jetre
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List of contacts is up to date, yes.

I myself won't be on till later tonight. 6 hours from now maybe.

I will try to contact the both of you then smile 
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So far no luck finding you two online. I will keep trying.
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Who am I supposed to contact to let them know I'm online again?
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Heya , im kinda new to the game (got like 2 hours in it) , im still F2P , i wanted to buy P2P for a while , but before i do that i wanna meet knew people so i can get attached to the game , im usually online alot , ive played dofus before for like 3 years , i tried to contact you guy in game to no avail.
Ign: Neverknow
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@MrFoxxy: Best to contact me: Temps Perdu/Loxsley/Coal Miner or Darki/Barki

@Volktam: Will send you an invite when I get home.

Things is that I am usually at work during the day. so I am tryin gto invite people ither eartly in the morning or then in the evening when I get home at around 8 pm (gmt+1).

I will be on in like 4 hours from now and all weekend long so I am sure we can find a time where I catch all 3 of you that are not invited yet online tongue
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Hey there guys. I'm a old player who is recently thinking about coming back. I played on the nox server and had a few level 100's over there. I left mostly due to toxicity and people who abused duping had absolute domination of the markets... But yeah once I get some free time (in about a couple weeks once school settles down) I would very much like to join wakfus Remington server and by extension your guild if its allowed! I level pretty darn fast specially if you guys allow me to join you on your ventures!

My name is Andrew R I am 17 years old, and I plan to play a Pandawa. I'm not sure what element yet, or if that decision is even going to stick. But yeah hah. Just let me know biggrin 
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I would need an in game name from you then. smile

Trucy & Jetre, I just have no luck finding you online sad

Volktam arrived safely in the guild though.
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Sorry I've been kept busy these past few days but I'll be on most of today and tomorrow anytime past 2pm (gmt 0)
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