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Damn Snoofles! [RECRUITING]

By Shaleigh1 - MEMBER - April 04, 2012, 17:25:25

Hello everyone,

my name is Temps Perdu/Loxsley and I am the founder of the Damn Snoofles!

We used to be one of the largest and best organized guilds on Remington and after a hiatus of almost a year we are back in action and about to grow to former strength and size. We consist mostly of mature players and can always use a few extra hands to enrich our social experience of the game.

Who exactly are you guys?

Right now we have a ton of active players from all over the world. We are probably a little bit older than your average Wakfu players as almost all of us are over 20 years old.

This is most likely our main selling point: We can provide a mature, emotionally stable environment for people willing to join. You won't find internal drama, but instead a fun and meaningful social environment. Most importantly we abstain from player killing (outside of friendly matches) entirely.

We used to have the biggest Haven World on the server though I guess by now other guilds have bigger due to the long break. The Haven World is still fully functional though and everyone is welcome to help out making it a nicer place.

What is your guilds policy?

-We are never attacking other players.
-We are trying to be nice to each other and everyone else.
-We usually share within the guild whatever we can spare.

That is basically all I think...

Whom are you looking for?

There are not many rules we want to establish. Mostly common sense and be nice to other players, plus be social with us. You don't have to have a certain age, but as mentioned before most are 18 and older.

We are mostly doing dungeons together, fight all UBs the game has to offer or get the materials our crafters need. This means it does make sense if you have a team oriented style of play.

Disclaimer: As mentioned above we are not as big as we used to be so there is not necessarily a ton of active players on each level. So I cannot promise you guild activities right now. We are helping where we can, but at the same time I don't want to force anyone into doing stuff they are not interested in.

What's with the weird name?

It started to be a common shout during beta testing when we were running the crobak dungeon a lot and the Snoofles were usually the biggest threat there. So one could often hear one of our guys shout: "Damn Snoofles!" when he had been robbed of his precious AP or Kamas yet again tongue

Contact:Coal Miner/Tyene/Noringa/Aquarello 
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Edited to bring this up to date and bumped, because we are looking for new people again.
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I don't know the guild too well, but I know some of its members and the ones that I know are pretty darn awesome!

If Synergy can help you guys in any way, feel free to contact us!

Good luck with the guild smile

~ Karah
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Good thing you bumped this as it reminded me that I should check here for applications too and not only look at my pms ^^

Thanks for the wishes and it is always a pleasure to play with you guys. Glad Hotshot could link our two guilds a little.


Temps/Loxsley/Coal Miner
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Great guild smile 
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'ello, we are still here and recruiting.
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Hello everyone, we are recruiting again especially in expectation of Haven Worlds. We have been working hard to collect ressources and accumulate Kamas for the upcoming update and we feel comfortable to be one of the first guilds with a Haven World.

So come and join the fun smile
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Hey, guys, I'm looking for a guild to join,and I like what people say about you and what you say about yourselves.) All of my info is listed below.

Player's info:
Name: Alex M 25
Occupation: Studying
Nationality: Russian
Languages: Russian, English
I'm trying to enter the university at the moment, but I happen to find a few free hours a day, so I started playing wakfu again (I used to play it before subscriptions were introduced. Was it the Open Beta?)
Anyway, I'm looking for a guild to joint to have more fun in the game, and I'm more or less active at the moment, so I hope I can be of use to any guild, that accepts me.)

Char info:
Name: Rennoby, F 17
Class: Cra's Range
Nation: Amakna

Technical data:
32 Fire Cra.
Prefered tactic: beacon domination (currently restricted due to AP deficit after equipment shift from full gobbal set).

Char story:
Really more of a craftsman, than of a warior, Rennoby found herself forced to fight for her life, when a party of rogues raided her clan's trading caravan out int the wildland, and kidnapped her. Parted from the few other survivors, she managed to sneak out of the captured wagon one night, to meet the dawn in a land far, far away from home. In a few weeks, Rennoby, starving, freeezing and almost desperate, has finally reached an oasis of civilization - an amaknian outpost.
Though the guards fed her and provided her with a spare cape and a quivel of arrows, they had no opportunity to help her find and free her mates. By the time she reached the Amaknian village, their trace had been long lost in the Chaos of Ogrest.
She couldn't go home, feeling a dishonor of fleeing the caravan instead of fighting the rogues in the night (which, on the other hand, would be outright suicidal), and she couldn't stay with nothing to earn her living. Her crafting and farming talents alone won't have been sufficient in primarely farming and mining country of Amakna.
So, there was only one way to survive, grow strong and discover the fate of her companions. Rennoby made an oath to Cra, and transformed into a Cra's Range, an adventurer.
Still, becoming a true warrior is a long road. She couldn't possibly stand it all alone. Besides, deep inside she was, still, more of a craftsman, than of a fighter.
One morning, she came to the square of the Amaknian village, and pinned a note at the signpost:
"Archer and hunter looking for company. Friends will be met with tea, rogues will be met with arrows. Ask at Rennoby's bag at the village Zaap every day, after 8 PM"
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The guild sounds great. Would love to join you lot. I've barely played after the closed beta since I found it hard to meet players around my age (22) and fluent in English. Just started again and still hanging around astrub deciding on where to pledge my allegiance but hopefully if one of ya'll give me a shout I can accompany you.


IGN: Wholegrain.
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Hey you two. Sorry, I haven't been around so much the past days. I am going to invite you as soon as I see you are online.

Feel free to find me in the game too and send me a pm there to remind me wink
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Awesome news: We own one of the first Haven Worlds. Brakmar Mourning Wood it is, just as we had it planned. Not totally in the centre of attention, but still right next to central transportation modes smile

Also, Jekkyll provided a sweet new artwork to lead our recruitment post.

Here it is for your pleasure:

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Been trying to contact you guys for a few days now but I never seam to find you online, I am currently in Epiphany and apparently we have merged.

I'm am on at the moment and will leave my client open, could you invite me.
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All done smile

Man, we have really grown these past few weeks. Nearly tripled in size. But keep 'em coming!
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Hi I am interested in joining this guild I will contact you ingame tonight, I hope you are online by then.
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I'd love to join! I have a few accounts but my Fire Feca is in need of a social guild :3 Character name is Hean, I'll see if I can contact you further in-game.
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Hello there, just saw your post and I am currently at work. I will try and contact you as soon as I get home smile

Edit: To maybe update people on the state of the guild a little:

We are as big and active as never before. I would say our total size has roughly tripled the past 2 months.

We are currently building the level 2 guild hall, so the haven world is coming along great too.

Last but not least we finally managed to become part of the small circle of people beating Magmog regularly tongue 
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I would love to join to with my water eni. can't seem to contact you. My IGN: Gandalf The Bunny
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Nexxin|2013-07-25 06:54:20
I'd love to join! I have a few accounts but my Fire Feca is in need of a social guild :3 Character name is Hean, I'll see if I can contact you further in-game.

Hey there, I tried to find you in game for quite a while now, but without luck. I will be home from work in like 6 hours and then I am going to try again smile

Every other recruit should be part of the guild now I hope ^^
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Hello, im new at wakfu but i would like to get more into it so i was looking for some friends biggrin

im a pretty active player and i learn fast!

currently 20 something fire sacrier.....

if u r a serious guild i would be willing to change class if needed....

if u could add me i wont dissapoint biggrin 
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