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By Porphi - MEMBER - September 16, 2012, 05:11:28
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Dang, the graphics looked really interesting too. But if it was just pure fighting, I probably would not have liked it...

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What can we do to get this game made?

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Fusiom|2012-11-10 23:41:53
What can we do to get this game made?
Fund it.
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what i feel ankama can do to get money is use kickstarter as a website so that people can donate money for it

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put this game on kickstarter and i will fun it!

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who do i contact about getting this game in to kickstarter? i would also really like to see it funded. I think i could afford to back at least 100$ please point me in a direction.

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What happened with this project? The director runaway with his girlfriend and the devteam is still waiting for his return?

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The answer is in the same thread. Or were you asking for details?

SE-Derek|2012-10-28 19:48
Correct. Per the announcement, Slage!, one of the games Ankama had in development, has been officially cancelled and will not be brought to market.

It is unfortunate.
RikudouSennin|2012-10-28 18:52:12Is this like a console game or a 3DS game?Slage! was designed to be an online PC hack-and-slash game based in the same universe as WAKFU and DOFUS.
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It was officially cancelled a number of years ago with very little explaination. Looking through older posts and news, it seems that the Slage's development team and Ankama's management decided that it was no longer profitable to continue developing Slage given the increasing number of titles and level of competition within the Hack-'n-Slash genre.

Given that, you would think Ankama would've been wary about abandoning a unique game like Krosmaster Online for a Hearthstone/Heavenstrike rivals mashup. sleep Not that I hope Krosmaga fails, mind you.

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