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Walk into your enemy bug.

By shaderex August 01, 2011, 07:31:23

I think i just discovered a bug.
I can't post a picture cuz i'm not on photobucket or anything n this forum doesn't let me direct post screenshots.
But, here's what happened.
Me n my friend were fighting an agressive bibli n 2 biblis group. So i was standing next to agressive bibli. It was my friends turn.
He did super iop punch and he ended up on the same cell as the agressive bibli. the bibli didn't get any damage.
Then it was my turn. I was attacking the cell on which they both were standing. My attacks were randomly hitting my friend or the bibli.

Does anyone else experience this bug?
Is there a solution to this bug? This happened twice in two different fights.

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Had once same on toads, probably no fix, till Ankama do that.

Btw for screenshots you can use imageshack wink

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